About us:

2me Studios photographs are bold. They are intimate. They are emotionally evocative. They are the moments you never forget.

From an intimate dinner party to an energetic corporate event, 2me Studios identifies the images that best illustrate the occasion.

Our objective is to help you recall, remember, and relive the emotions, the feelings, and the shared experiences that are your life. Look through our galleries. You will find collections of photos that all have a story to tell.

Sean Twomey – Principal Photographer

My name is Sean Twomey and I’m the principal photographer at 2me Studios. I’m an artist who thrives on capturing the unforgettable images that bring your vision to the world.

As a child I stood next to my father in an improvised basement darkroom and watched my mother’s face appear from what was just seconds before a blank white space.

From that day until today, the magic of photography has always inspired me.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of visual media over the years: from drafting to drawing, painting to sculpture, glassblowing to graphic design. My engagement with the visual arts has evolved alongside my interest in technology. The digital photography techniques I use integrate these two passions to produce photographs that are both unique and insightful.

The history of our lives is written every day. Photographs remind us who we are, where we’ve been, how we became who we are.

Your history Your story. 2meStudios.